Frequently asked questions

What is My Indian Market Place? 
My Indian Market is a free e-commerce website for Malaysian Indians to showcase their products and services.

Why this website? 
Our objective is to bring all Indian buyers and sellers to one place. And when you sell on multiple market place you will have advantage of more exposure.

Who can use this? 
Individuals or small business owners can showcase their products or services using this website for free.

I sell on WhatsApp and Facebook, why should I sell here?
What about Google? People do search for products in websites.

What is the advantage of using this online store?
You will have your own individual store with catalog of products or services, which gives user friendly experience for your customers to browse your products with ease. And a complete control over your customers. Take a look at an online store here

What to you mean complete control? 
When customers buy and checkout from this store, an email is sent to you. You then contact customer, receive payment directly via bank transfer and ship items to customer directly. My Indian market place just provides a free but powerful platform to open an online store and doesn’t involve or take responsibility for any transactions.

How come its free, What’s the catch, will I be charged later on? 
No. Our aim is to make this a popular online store among Indians. In future we may promote products in Home page for a fee or run advertisements, but that’s absolutely optional. We may also start charging for new customers to enroll this online store. But our existing customers who enrolled for free will remain free with existing benefits.

If you need help or want to reach us, visit our Facebook page or Contact us page