Selling only on Facebook and loosing out on bigger chunk of Google web market!

The number of Facebook users is 2.27 billion around the world, whereas, the total number of internet users are around 4 billion. So, that clearly limits your reach.

Facebook stores, popularly called as ‘Facebook Shops’ have become quite a favorite for new entrepreneurs, looking to swiftly reach a wide audience with minimal or zero costs. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that a lot of veteran businesses are also using the platform. While a Facebook Store is a great way to find audience and sell your product and services, it is by no means a viable replacement or an excuse to dispense with an E-Commerce platform dedicated towards achieving higher sales and holistic growth.

A Facebook Store can help you land customers among the millions of Facebook users, but it does very little for introducing your product and service, especially when the market is already abound with competitors. In fact, many e-commerce business houses feel that a Facebook Store can backfire by dividing the users attention. In other words, you can more easily lose the golden window where you introduce your product/services and establish first impressions which lead to customer loyalty and company credibility.

Don’t get us wrong! Facebook Shop is a good platform and today, houses more than 50 million small and medium business pages who rely on Facebook Stores to drive leads.

However, a Facebook Store cannot be the whole of your business strategy if you are looking to create a Name, Brand and ensure Consistent Growth overtime. It is only one of the many means to achieving leads, sales and profit.


Only an e-commerce site ensures the advantage of having a higher visibility on Google search. This enables you to manage your content, use keywords and phrases that your potential customers may be looking for on Google search. Needless to say, this advantage is non-negotiable to ensure scalability of your business. Visibility on Goggle Search brings in crucial user behavior data, something that a Facebook Store doesn’t allow.

A Facebook page can be found via a Google search but it doesn’t provide you the same visibility advantages and SEO control as that of a website. While a Facebook Store is great to leverage user interaction and facilitate engagement, it is still only supplementary to your E-commerce website.


Facebook Store or any other social media store basically allows you to stack up your products and services on their platform and put them on display. It is a productive means to achieve sales. But, we must be cautious in judging its complete utility. We tend to over-estimate its value because it’s free. What if they close down one day? You will have no right to complain. Remember, you are a user of that platform, not a shareholder or owner. They are not liable to provide an answer. Eventually, you are going to lose a large number of customers and can be out of business over-night.

So it is always a wise decision to have multiple platforms to support your business. That’s why we created My Indian Market Place, a free e-commerce site with dedicated individual store to sell your products or services. Create your online store today.

Nalen I
Web Developer @