1. You’ll reach more buyers.

Believe it or not, buyers have the same kinds of preferences that many sellers do. There are hundreds of thousands of online buyers in Malaysia alone, but if you’re only selling on one platform or marketplace, there’s a good chance that many of them will never see your products simply because they never happen to visit the one place where you sell.

Want to reach more buyers? The first step is to go where the buyers are—and there are millions of Lazada-only buyers, Shopee-only buyers, and never-Lazada-or-Shopee buyers. To reach all of them? Your best bet is to sell on Lazada, on Shopee, and on a non-Lazada, non-Shopee website that you manage, like a My Indian Market Place.

2. You’ll increase your chances of making a sale.

Since each of the marketplaces and your own website have a different look, a different feel, and different rules, you’ll present each of your products to buyers in several different ways. However
you slice and dice it, you want your products to be in front of a wandering buyer at each place they visit while they comparison shop, and to do that you’ve got to sell in multiple places.

3. You’ll better hedge your bets against catastrophic problems.

Marketplaces are notoriously capricious. Their rules and fees change regularly. At times, they interpret their own policies in ways that seem inconsistent with last week’s interpretations, and that shock sellers, or even leave them excluded entirely.

If you’re only selling on Lazada, or only selling on Shopee, you’re entirely without insurance. One catastrophic rule change or one ban, even if temporary can completely sink your business.

Sell in two places, though, and you’ll still have half of your business up and running if the worst happens. Sell in three places and you’ll have two-thirds of your business saved. That’s a pretty good hedge.

4. It gives your products more credibility.

These days, buyers expect major brands to be available through just about any buying venue. If your brand and your products appear on every marketplace a buyer visits, they’re more likely to presume your products and your business to be established and trustworthy.

Nalen I
Web Developer @