Do Marketing on WhatsApp or Facebook, but sell only on E-Commerce website. Why?

Why you should market on Social media like WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter but sell on your own e-commerce website?

Social media is the most important aspects of digital marketing, which provides incredible benefits that help reach millions of customers worldwide. For an advertising strategy, social media marketing is possibly the most cost-effective way. Creating an account and signing up is free for almost all social networking platforms. Social media is a good way for engaging and interacting customers. The more you communicate with the audience, the more chances you have of conversion.

There is no denying that Social media marketing has many advantages for startups and individuals. At the same time your competition is already increasing on social media day by day, so don’t let your competitors take your probable customers.

Let me explain, You have a Facebook page for your Online Saree business and you decide to boost your page for a small fee, now Facebook have to show your page to potential Saree buyers. How do they know potential Saree buyers? By targeting buyers who are already looking for Sarees in other pages. So Facebook will show your page and let you steal potential buyers from other pages for the fee you paid. The more you pay, more you can steal potential buyers from other pages. And this works other way around as well.

Now you may ask me, this might work in your favor as well right? Yes its kind of give and take. In this way who ever pays more or has quality products wins the buyer but how about your own customer? Lets say you approached a friend or family member personally, convinced them to look at your Saree collections in your Facebook page. But now you have also informed Facebook, that there is a potential Saree buyer. So the paid page owners will storm your page to steal your friend or Aunty. Have you noticed “Related Pages” on the left hand side. In the image below I was looking for Saree in that Page but Facebook asking me to look at other similar pages as well.

OK! are you saying, you will send your total Saree collections on WhatsApp. How many?  More over she has to go through the collection, send you back what she liked, have few queries answered, price negotiation, payment method and lots to discuss. Marketing experts say, you shouldn’t give too much time for a decided buyer. Yes, her husband may intervene and ruin your business.

So what’s the solution “Do Marketing on Social Media but Sell on E-Commerce website”. Send your potential customers to your individual private online store, where they can browse all your product collections at one place and buy immediately with few clicks. You collect the payment directly and ship the items to them directly. And did I say its completely free, Yes. Visit My Indian Market Place for more details, a free e-commerce platform for Malaysian Indians.

Nalen I
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